Fact Book om Jyllandskorridoren

The A 7/E 45 is the lifeline between Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Western Denmark. It shapes the Jutland Corridor as a dynamic cross-border area and is the living link between Central Europe and Scandinavia. The corridor is characterised by a network of diverse cities reaching from the metropolis Hamburg through major cities such as Kiel and Flensburg, Esbjerg, Odense, Kolding and Vejle to Aarhus and Aalborg in Northern Denmark. We fi nd clusters, economic strongholds and networks on both sides of the border which are complementary to one another.

The unique spatial structure of the Jutland Corridor opens up opportunities to further integrate the cross-border functional region with cities as its cornerstones. We are convinced that such a development will intensify the welfare eff ects of European integration in terms of the European Union’s Territorial Agenda. The Jutland Corridor, being a polycentric functional area, is especially well suited for promoting the European goal of cohesion including its metropolitan core areas, urban Growth centres and rural areas. Politicians from Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Western Denmark therefore jointly promote the international competitiveness and visibility of the Jutland Corridor as a growing economic centre in Northern Europe. Pillars of this initiative are long-lasting economic growth, innovative capacities and a broad knowledge base.

We are confident that the Jutland Corridor, as a powerful large-scale cross-border integration area, will increasingly attract attention from the European Union and serve as an innovative good practice for cooperation on the European landscape. Already, the area is an outstanding example for the success of European integration.

With our Fact Book we would like to highlight the special features, potentials and the dynamics of the Jutland Corridor as a driving force for European integration in the Northern  perspective, economic growth in Northern Europe as well as for further developing its position on the global level.